A Theology of Chronic Illness

Why me? I think everyone who has ever had any kind of illness asks, “why me?” At first, my answer was that everyone gets injured sometimes. Because I became chronically ill as a high school student, my chronic illness was mistaken for sports injuries. But when none of the typical treatments worked and then a […]

How to Handle Food Loss

Have you ever been told that you have food sensitivities or food intolerances? Or maybe instead of doing the blood work or seeing an allergist, your doctor put you on an elimination diet.  Food loss is hard.  Even though it’s not a huge tragedy, there still is a lot of grief that goes along with […]

How To Stay Organized With Chronic Pain 

Have you ever done a bunch of organization only to feel a month later like you’re completely disorganized again? I know that I have done this. In my last post I wrote about how to organize with chronic illness. Now, I want to share the systems and things that help me stay organized. It’s easy […]

How to Organize With Chronic Illness

In my last post I covered how to declutter with chronic illness. I will tell you that the most important step of organizing is to get rid of what you aren’t using. So if you haven’t read that yet go back and read it. (You can ctrl+click to open it in a new tab to […]

How To Declutter With Chronic Illness

Whether or not you are looking to move, it’s important to declutter on a regular basis.  Our stuff can weigh us down and affect our health.  While recently cleaning out the shelves in my closet, I found some old CD cases from when I was a teenager and the dust on it made me break […]

How To Manage Stress And Chronic Illness

It is one of the most frustrating things when your doctor tells you that you need to manage your stress better to improve your health because the primary thing stressing you out is your health! Whether or not you are navigating a chronic illness, these stress busting tips will help you learn how to master […]

How To Meal Plan When You’re Chronically Ill

I’ve already covered how to save money when you’re chronically ill. Here’s how to meal plan when you’re chronically ill… or just get some general meal planning hacks. Most health experts would agree that eating more vegetables is better for everyone. In my own healthy eating journey, making the shift from following restrictive diets to […]

Tips For Moving With Chronic Pain

Moving is a pain. Moving when you have chronic pain is even more challenging. Between grad school, marriage, and new jobs, I’ve moved five times since graduating college. Here are the best moving hacks I’ve found whether or not you have chronic pain. Tips For Moving Start early The sooner you can start purging and […]

How To Be More Productive At Work

Whether you are trying to save your energy for what matters most or save time at work, it’s important to be as productive as you can be while working. These are the tech shortcuts I’ve learned for how to be more efficient while working. Because I’ve lived with chronic pain for over a decade and […]

How To Save Money When You’re Chronically Ill

The financial impacts of chronic illness can be devastating – from lost work time to medical debt to supplemental therapy costs. Here’s how I’ve managed to afford therapies that aren’t covered by insurance and other health habits. Live Frugally By Budgeting When I came to terms with the fact that I was chronically ill, I […]


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